Choosing between Freshdesk and Zendesk

Customer support service and the online aspect of business can work only as well as its software allows. You will have to choose something which will enhance your crew’s productivity and provide the users with the best client experience. That is why choosing good help desk software is highly important for any enterprise, regardless of size. Let’s discuss the difference between Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Freshdesk and Zendesk are both of the most known in the field of desk software for customer support. It can be difficult to choose between two platforms. At first glance, they serve the same purpose and have a similar interface. That is why Freshdesk vs Zendesk is a tough question that needs clarifying.


Freshdesk and Zendesk – differences, similarities, pros, and cons

Let’s talk first about Zendesk. This platform was one of the pioneers in the helpdesk software field. This program has undergone many improvements and changes since its first launch. Now the software allows support agents to quickly collect, categorize and resolve tickets in real time. Unlike similar programs, Zendesk has a high degree of automation. It will enable you to improve the amount of work without sacrificing quality.

Freshdesk is the best and most popular alternative to Zendesk, which is why their features are similar in many ways. But unlike Zendesk, you can get a completely free perpetual plan. This is an excellent option for small businesses.

We will get this result by separating both platforms and highlighting their differences.

Zendesk pros:

  1. Built-in security features.
  2. Ability to set up many different brands from one central account.
  3. More support channels.
  4. Free library with educational materials.

Zendesk cons:

  1. They have paid plans only.
  2. Higher price per agent.
  3. It is not possible to edit comments on tickets after they have been published.
  4. Not enough extensive customization functions for the view. You can support not only one brand. However, due to the price, this software is suitable for medium and large companies or those with enough money to pay for each agent.

Freshdesk pros:

  1. There is a free plan with no expiration date, and it manages up to 10 support agents.
  2. It is easier to use than Zendesk.
  3. Simple and fast customization.
  4. Built-in gamification features.

Freshdesk cons:

  1. Unlike Zendesk, the amount of integrated software is limited.
  2. There is no possibility to edit role permissions.
  3. You can’t create your enterprise plan. Instead, you will have to choose from ready-made ones.

The Freshdesk option is most suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, which, based on their activities, do not need to maintain a large support staff. As the company claims, it only takes you 6 minutes to start with Freshdesk. Since the program has a free plan, you can try it on your own. At the same time, the interface is not only for agents but also for your buyers, which is also an advantage.

What you may want to choose

What exactly to choose is up to you. It’s a pretty smart move to try out Freshdesk If your support team is 10 or fewer. Also, it is free. If the benefits of Zendesk are more compelling to you and you have the means to run a platform, you know what to do. But it’s not just what software you choose that matters.

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