Best Code Editor for Programmers – UltraEdit!

Programmers have specific needs so even the most powerful text editor might not meet their requirements (such as syntax highlighting and various computer language support). If you’re a programmer who’s looking for a free tool then Notepad++ is pretty darn good except that it only runs under MS Windows.

But as a solution you can try the open source, extremely powerful code editor that’s specially built for programmers called UltraEdit. However please remember that it’s not a free application.

You can use it as a text editor as well but when considering its features and complexity I honestly don’t think you’d wanna consider use it for your daily simple text editing tasks.


Main features…

*. Supports a lot of programming languages such as: Perl, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, C/C++ etc with code folding, syntax highlighting and running Scripts.

*. Remote file editing support with FTP and Proxy servers.

*. Easily deal with different “projects” (create new ones, edit, delete, save in a different on etc).

*. Tabbed window support.

*. Other basic editing features such as: Change font, search and replace,undo/redo, cut/delete, send to printing etc are all there.


*. Spell checking support for over 80 languages! and auto word completion.

*. A built in Ruler, shows line numbers.


*. Supports editing larger files (4GB+).

*. Load/Save and Record macros.

*. Excellent column support: Add/Edit/Delete/Justify etc.

*. Bookmarking.

*. Quick fetch character properties.

*. Insert Date/Time, Characters, templates etc.


*. Enable/Disable word wrapping.

*. Output (log) window section at below.

*. A side-bar that makes opening and finding recently opened ones a breeze.


*. You can even search a highlighted text online by using the web-search tool bar feature.

*. Add remove comments, make read only + encryption/decryption support … are just a few of its features to mention.

You can install UltraEdit in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by first going to this download page (includes the packages for other distributions) and choose your appropriate “.deb” file version (supports both 32/64 bit) and download it.

Then once the download is complete double click on it to install it using the Ubuntu Software Center. Although they don’t have packages for 11.10 yet … but the 11.04 ones works just fine.

For other operating systems, please get it from this official UltraEdit home page. As said this is a commercial application, they give you 30 days of trial period and afterwards you’ll have to purchase it if you wanna keep using it.

The preferences window lets you easily configure a lot of individual “tweaks”…


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