Are We on the Verge of Major Earth Changes ? (more updates: UNESCO releases a ‘Tsunami Preparation’ video, hmm)

‘What is the relationship between the mind and matter ?, can intention affect the behavior of the physical world ?’ These were the questions that few scientists from Princeton university asked themselves, and they came up with an experiment for trying to find an answer.

What they did was, they placed ‘Random Number Generators’ around meditating groups. The idea was that since the attended intention is supposedly higher when a group of people are meditating together, if their minds can affect the REG devices, then they should see a change in the randomness of the generated numbers.

They gathered data after running 100s of such experiments & came to the conclusion that under such conditions the REG devices actually did lose their randomness & numbers generated became orderly.

To further validate their study, they placed REGs all over the globe, as an attempt to see whether their randomness too will be affected when a large percentage of the population across the world get concentrated on a single event.

After carefully analyzing the data, they again came to the conclusion that whenever something ‘big’ is happening in the world (O. J. Simpson murder verdict event, princesses Diana’s funereal etc) & people were aware of their occurrence in the future, slightly after those events started occur, the randomness of the REGs became orderly.

Now here’s where it gets a bit more weirder.

On the day of September 11th, 2001 (they had 36-37 REGs around the globe around that time), and all of the REGs (no exceptions) lost their randomness and showed an orderly pattern, 2-3 hours before the terrorist attack occurred!. It is as if the interconnected-minds (if you will) of the individuals around the world, were aware of an event that was about to occur in their future timeline.

Not only on that event, they have concluded that in experiments that were performed on labs, where participants were able to conceive events, few seconds before they occurred as well.

Over the years they have come across more than 200 of ‘big’ global events, and under everyone one of those events (again, without any exceptions) the REGs lost their randomness.

This might make some ask the question (or may be not, anyhow) that, ‘will it be possible to predict future events, if someone is able tap-into the emotional mental state of the collective ?’

Interestingly enough, there is a software tool called ‘Web Bot’ that makes predictions about upcoming events, by following a somewhat similar approach. ‘Web Bot’ has thousands of crawlers that explore websites (the ones where ‘real’ people are active, such as Forums for instance) & look for certain kind of words & the rate of their occurrence.

They then send those data back to ‘Web Bot’ engine and based on its AI algorithm, it tries to come up with sentences that could be used to predict major future events (in other words, ‘Web Bot’ is trying tap-into people’s emotions by tracking their language -- this is my opinion, not of its developers).

It was first developed for the purpose of finding the ups/downs of the stock market, but ‘Web Bot’ has predicted major events such as the 2003 shuttle Columbia disaster, 2004 tsunami that occurred on the Indian ocean, initial collapse of the U.S. Dollar, hurricane Katrina and a few others too.

However, ‘Web Bot’ does not have an excellent record of its accuracy (specially when it comes to predicting disasters) because it has been wrong on many occasions. For example, it predicted that something pretty bad could happen in 2012, December 21, but nothing really happened.

However, as proven by Quantum mechanics, that which is being observed gets affected by the very act of observation.

So I do not know if once ‘enough’ people were aware of the ‘predictions’ (by the way, ‘Web Bot’ usually notifies of bad or destructive events, eh!) that it has somewhat changed the outcome.

Anyhow, ‘Cliff High‘ (Web Bot founder) has been saying for a while (since June 2012 if I’m not mistaken) that, back as far as 2003, that they’ve been observing ‘data gaps’ (literally) in ‘Web Bot’.

According to him, sometime into the future of 2013, due to a major global event (s), ‘Web Bot’ is unable to gather data (Edit: because the internet cease to exist ?) from that time-frame, although after some time, the gap goes away & readings are present.

He calls this the ‘global coastal event’ because it includes heavy damages to the coastal population (globally, non coastal areas included of course), according to the data-set ‘Web Bot’ has given.

Back then however, other than the ‘sometime into 2013’, there was no time-frame of when the initial event would occur. But in a recent audio clip, ‘Cliff’ has indicated that after looking at some recent data-sets of ‘Web Bot’ (& few other independent sources) that there is a high probability of the initial or the trigger event, being occurring, anywhere before May 26, 2013 or June 1, 2013.

Now, if it was just ‘Web Bot’ that made this prediction, well, then most probably I won’t be writing this article, because again, ‘Web Bot’ does not have the most accurate track record. However, this time, a lot of other independent sources (especially the one called ‘farsight institute‘ — it has an excellent track record) seem to confirm that we are probably in the midst of great Earth changes, though some are unable to provide any time-frame.

Anyhow, without boring you much further, here are the three recent audio clips from ‘Cliff High’ that you can check out if interested (you don’t have to listen to all of them, but each contains few additional details/updates).



The title of this audio clip is actually wrong, it says ‘…. what if doesn’t happen …’ when in fact the original audio from ‘Cliff’ refers to as ‘… what if it happens …’.


Here’s the latest one (published on May 17)


Below is a video from NASA that shows the recent meteor impact occurred on the Moon. According to them, this is the most powerful explosion that was ever observed on the Moon. It was so bright that was observable to the naked eye.



I also humbly recommend the ‘SuspeciousObservers’ YouTube channel for qualitative scientific analogies of the whole situation (a thanks goes to ‘Alan’ for the suggestion).


Update (25/05/2013):


‘Cliff’ has released another audio today with few updates.

Again, there is no need be panicking or anything, this is just information, so consider it intelligently.


Update (June 6, 2013):


First of all, days passed by, and nothing in the scale of WebBot ‘predicted’ happened. That said, to be reasonable, there is an ongoing increase of volcanic, earthquake & severe weather, all around the world. ‘Cliff’ has released a new audio & if you are still interested (if you are not, then I totally understand it), you can listen to it below.

In brief, according to him, a lot of WebBot’s predictions did become true (although again, not in the magnitude that they were described) and he says that we could still be in the ‘preparation’ for the global coastal event (listening the audio should give you a broader picture).

Anyhow, that is not the reason that I decided to update this post. Few days ago, approximately, June 3rd, 2013, UNESCO, through their official YouTube channel, released a video, interestingly enough, called ‘Preparing for Tsunamis in the Mediterranean‘, although mainly, it discusses a planned tsunami alert system for that region.

This video gives a simple overview of tsunamis (how they are created etc) and then towards the end, it gives tsunami ‘preparation tips’ as well. I don’t know about you, but I find it to a bit odd. The video ends with the below quote:

‘knowledge is safety!’

It is probably nothing, but as usual, I will let you be the judge. Here is the video.


 Update (June 13, 2013):


‘Cliff High’ has recently published an article, saying that the events that were predicted by ‘WebBot’, prior to the ‘Global Coastal Event’, are in fact manifesting (as mentioned above), so according to the data-sets, the ‘GCE’ event is still yet to occur. You can read the article from here.


Yeah yeah yeah, whatever ‘Gayan’!. How do you know if it’s going to happen for sure ?

I don’t!. I do not think anyone really knows. It is all a probability, period!. Also, I had a lot of ‘inner discussions’ while composing this post. It cost me a lot of courage to overcome the fears of being wrong & the humiliation that will follow, if it doesn’t happen.

If however this does not happen, oh well, I will just keep rambling about the usual geek stuff :).

Also, if the way the information is presented here feels a bit confusing, out of order, then I ask for forgiveness. My English is not that good. Plus, if this is the first time that you’ve come across such information, then this might not make a lot of sense either. Anyway, let me wrap this up quickly.

Few ending notes …

Please remember that, I’m not some kind of a religious freak or a submissive idiot (no disrespect intended) who believes that some kind of an angel or a savior is coming to save us or any other bullshit. That said, given the occasion, if I feel it fits, I do bow my head towards certain qualities of other human beings, nevertheless.

I am a simple, spiritual, human being, who is trying his best to go where the information takes him.

I also have a different perspective on the whole issue, although I belong to a country that has a very long history, of which I am very proud of, since most users that come to this blog are westerners, I have decided to end this with the below quote from Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman:

‘ … We are all from the Earth. And when the Earth, water, the atmosphere, is corrupted, that will create it own reaction … To me, it’s not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes. It’s not negative, it’s evolution. When you look at as evolution, it’s time! …’

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  1. Oh yes Gayan, I forgot that little gem. The volcano on La Palma is in an unstable condition, and when, that’s not if but when, the western side falls into the ocean, it will create a massive tsunami.

    A computer model has been designed to show the way the tsunami will build after the volcano, called Cumbre Vieja, erupts on La Palma, at the western end of the Spanish island chain. It describes the almost unimaginable scale of an event that the scientists say could happen at any time within the foreseeable future.

    The computer model, compiled in collaboration with Steven Ward of the University of California, Santa Cruz, predicts that the tsunami will have a height of 100 metres (330ft) from crest to trough when it crashes into the shores of nearby north-west Africa. By the time it reached its final destination, the east coast of Florida and the Caribbean islands, the tsunami would still be up to 50 metres high.

    Low-lying land in Florida would be vulnerable to a sea wave that would inundate the mainland for several kilometres inland. Everything in its path would be flattened, the computer model predicted.

    • Thank you Alan. Recently, NASA has also warned about the possibility of a big solar flare too (I’m sure you’re aware of that … anyway :D).


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