Another GNU/Linux Distribution Designed for Educational Purposes (only in French!) – AbulÉdu

If you’re searching for a GNU/Linux distribution that’s aimed at Educational purposes then Edubuntu is still one of the best out there. But it’s certainly not the only one out there either.

In that sense another GNU/Linux distribution named “AbulÉdu”. It’s originally based on Mandrake Linux (now Mandriva) but recently they too adapted Ubuntu as their primary OS and few days ago they released a new version (11.08) that’s based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and includes a lot of software packages again, aimed at children and educational purposes.

But remember currently it’s only in French!.

It’s based in France and unlike with Edubuntu/Ubuntu, one of the advantages of “AbulÉdu” is that it comes with all the proprietary codecs installed by default thus it works out of the box :). It uses Gnome Classic desktop that’s highly customized rather than the never Gnome-Shell.


Few main packages …

*. Gnome 2.3 Classic desktop.

*. Audacity (audio editor).

*. OOo4kids (a folk of OpenOffice customized for Kids) and LibreOffice 3.3 too.

*. VLC media player.

*. Both K3b and Gnome baker for optical disk burning needs.

*. Firefox 7 as the default web browser.

*. DansGuardian (web filtering utility).

*. Thunderbird.

*. GFTP (a lightweight FTP client).

*. TuxPaint (a fun painting program for kids), Tux Typing (a typing tutor for kids) and Tux Math.

*. GIMP and a huge list of other packages included in the DVD live ISO image (about 2.6GB in size).

Although it might be only in French language but they say if interested you’re more than welcome to help them translate it to other languages. For getting additional information and downloading it please visit this official “AbulÉdu” page. Good luck.

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