AMLYZE and iDenfy Signed a Referral Agreement to Expand its Fraud Prevention Service Range

iDenfy, all-in-one identity verification, compliance, and fraud prevention startup announced a new collaboration with AMLYZE, a suite of SaaS solutions designed for combating financial crime. The referral agreement between iDenfy and AMLYZE will allow both companies to leverage each other’s strengths while boosting growth.


AMLYZE aims to become the leading global RegTech service provider by offering a wide range of solutions to alleviate its clients’ day-to-day concerns and challenges in the fight against financial crime. According to the fraud prevention business, the new partnership will help reach this goal and enable a broader range of digital solutions that cater to customers’ needs.

Under the signed referral agreement, AMLYZE will recommend potential clients to iDenfy for solutions outside its current service offerings. In return, iDenfy, known best for its Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) software, will refer potential clients to AMLYZE for relevant tools within its scope of work. Consequently, both fraud prevention enterprises will expand their business reach while aiming to lower the costs of acquiring new customers.


AMLYZE turned to iDenfy because of its leading all-in-one identity verification and fraud prevention platform that help companies automate their KYC/KYB compliance processes. According to the business, KYC and KYB are crucial elements of successful customer onboarding for any financial institution and AMLYZE’s customers. Therefore, the synergies between the two organizations seemed natural for AMLYZE, which compared this partnership to the next step that could bring tangible benefits to financial sector players looking for harmonized solutions from a single source.

iDenfy’s partner program was designed to help other organizations build trust. The company’s practice shows that customers are likelier to choose a service based on another entity’s honest recommendation. With the current service offering, iDenfy aims to simplify compliance and help other organizations detect and prevent fraud easier. According to the business, as more partners join iDenfy’s program, it becomes easier to make its AI-powered tools more accessible.

AMLYZE agrees with this approach, claiming that today’s fast-paced business environment has shown that compliance with laws and regulations is crucial. With the newly signed referral agreement, both companies will help minimize non-compliance risks and penalties, helping organizations remain competitive while using their advanced anti-fraud tooling.

It is worth mentioning that last year, iDenfy hit a milestone of having +500 partners who selected its IDV service and fraud prevention solutions for more robust security. The startup plans to expand by inviting more companies to test the new partner program, which can be done through a simple application form.

“We’re excited to start this collaboration with AMLYZE. Our team is ready to continue to create innovative solutions that’ll drive success and value for our partners and customers.” — commented Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.

“Partnerships like this help us grow faster and provide our clients with the best possible fraud prevention tools. In addition, combining our expertise allows us to add value, such as automated ongoing due diligence and perpetual KYC.” — said Jekaterina Govina, Head of Partnerships & Regulatory Affairs and one of the Co-Founders of AMLYZE.

About iDenfy  

iDenfy, a platform of identity verification services and fraud prevention tools, ensures AML, KYC, and KYB compliance for every company — from large-scale businesses to small organizations. The rapidly growing business was named the best Fintech Startup in 2020.  Recently, iDenfy was featured in G2’s Winter 2023 report as the leading identity verification software.

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AMLYZE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) AML/CFT company offering different real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring modules, customer risk scoring, case management, and sanctions screening. AMLYZE supports fintech, neo-banks, virtual asset service providers, and any other (direct or indirect) AML/CFT subject businesses’ growth while mitigating risk exposure.

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