Add new Context Menu Items in Ubuntu Easily with Ultimate Templates Pack!

Nautilus is the file manager used in Ubuntu. Now Nautilus, being a Gnome project, is a highly simplified file management utility thus if you’re coming form a different OS platform such as MS Windows, then … oh well it can be a bit frustrating :/.

For instance, when you install new programs in Windows, although not always but some apps adds creating their own file types to the Windows right-click or the Context menu. But in Ubuntu or Gnome desktop… this does not happen (not because they can’t, but because they won’t).

So, in Ubuntu you just can’t right click on the desktop or in a folder and create different type of a file (other than a text file). So in that sense, would you like to “expand” that context menu thus you could easily create a huge list of different file types with ease in Ubuntu (including Gnome)?. If so, then you’ll be interested in an extension pack called “Ultimate Templates Pack”!.


Main features…

*. By default it creates New Rar archive file, OpenOffice/LibreOffice files, C/C#/C++, MS Office and Doc files, HTML/XML, Shell scripts, CSS files are just a few to mention.

That’s it for the features.

How to install it?

Pretty simple actually. First get the pack from this Gnome-look page and extract the content (say to your desktop). Then copy the content inside the extracted folder and paste it into the “Templates” folder in your “Home”.

Now just right click on your desktop or inside the Nautilus file management utility and you’ll see lot of newly added files under “Create new Document” sub menu!.

Now, there are like few file types that most of us wouldn’t use (programming related ones)… you can simply open the “Templates” folder in your “Home” and delete the file types that you don’t use which should clean-up the context menu.

Can I put them anywhere other than the default “Templates” folder?

Yes you can. If you want to use that automatically created “Templates” folder by Ubuntu for a purpose other than expanding the context menu, then first put the content of that extracted file to any folder (let’s called it “template2” for example, you can use any name) and then move the folder to your “Home”.

Now, open your Home folder and make sure Nautilus is showing hidden-files (press “Ctl” + “H” keyboard shortcut) and locate a folder called “.config” (as with below screenshot).


Now go inside of that folder and find a configuration file called “user-dirs.dirs” and double click on it.

This should be opened up by your default text editor. Now simply locate the line that says:


Simply re-name “Templates” with your folder name (with: template2 as with this example)

Only rename the text that’s highlighted …

That’s it.


If you want, you can hide the folder that contains the new templates, but if you do that, make sure to add the below 2 characters (marked in Green) before the folder name in the above configuration file to update the correct folder location.


Okay… that’s pretty much it actually. Now you’re done. Enjoy!.

Update: Although it’s only for Nautilus… but according to Alan (see below comment) this also seems to work with Thunar file manager (default one that comes with Xfce desktop) too.

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