‘Aard’ is a Useful Offline Dictionary (Ubuntu, Windows & Mac OS X)

‘Aard’ is a simple and easy to use offline dictionary that runs on Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X. And unlike many other offline dictionaries, no matter what operating system that you use, ‘Aard’ is extremely easy to setup too.

The reason that I brought that up was because, there are some dictionaries that are somewhat harder to setup. But with ‘Aard’, all you have to do is install it first, and then download one (or more) of the available offline dictionary files (they come in single files), and simply open it from ‘Aard’. That is it, now you can start hunting for words! :).

Currently, ‘Aard’ has 7 offline dictionaries (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, WordNet, etc) with multiple languages support, although not all may be up-to-date (as if you put words such as ‘Ubuntu’ into some, they won’t give you any results).


Here are some other features of ‘Aard’ …

*. Search for words within the dictionary.

For example, if for a certain term the dictionary gave you a big ‘explanation’ and it was a difficult to locate a word that you were interested in, then you can use this feature to search & find them.

*. Add multiple offline dictionaries.

*. Save word lookups into HTML.

*. Automatic word suggestion as you type.

*. Change the appearance of the output article (link colors and fonts).

*. Zoom in/out text.

*. Keeps a history of your previous word lookups.

*. Verify and view basic details of installed dictionaries.

Installing in on Ubuntu 12.10 …

First go to this page and download the package for Ubuntu (it also holds packages for Windows and Mac OS X too). When the download completes, double click on it and ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ will assist you for installing it. I have only tested it on 12.10 but I’m sure it will run on other versions (12.04, 11.10 etc) as well.

Installing a dictionary …

This is also very easy.

Step 1: First go to this page and download a dictionary.

Step 2: Then, open ‘Aard’ and from its main menu, click on ‘Add Dictionaries…’ item (shown below) and simply locate the downloaded dictionary file.


That’s it, now you should be good to go!.

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