A Password Manager for Ubuntu Linux – Revelation

Having a powerful password is a must if you care about the privacy of your data & security in general. But the more “powerful”passwords that you have the harder it can be to remember them afterward. Especially if you have a lot of online accounts (e-mail, web site registrations etc) then trying to keep in memorized is certainly not that easy.

In that case, if you use Ubuntu there are several pretty good ones such as the extremely popular KeepassX that you can try. But for a change, if you’re looking for another (somewhat simple when compared with Keepassx) utility, then Revelation is a fast loading, good looking app that comes recommended by the Ubuntu Wiki community.

Revelation comes with a simple GUI yet a lot of built in features that makes saving & generating powerful passwords a breeze :).


*. Store passwords in a single file called “RVL” (password protected & encrypted).

*. Keep them categorized (you can manage your offline passwords or online e-mail accounts,  phone related data etc with ease thanks to this).


*. Generate secure passwords automatically.

*. Import/Export database.

*. Lock the Window (useful in occasions where you have to leave the PC for a little while without having to close the app).


*. Includes a password checker feature that lets you easily “measure” how powerful your current passwords are.


*. And few other configuration settings are available via the “Preferences” window as well (as said… this is a pretty minimalist app).

You can install Revelation password manager in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 and 10.04 by using the below command in your Terminal window.

sudo apt-get install revelation

After the installation, press “Alt” + “F2” keys and enter the below command to launch the utility.


Though Revelation is a good looking utility but as mentioned before… it does lack few features when comparing with Keepassx (opening online accounts and their URL + filling them etc).


But if you’re not like crazy for features and looking for a simple yet a powerful tool that lets you easily store your passwords (including generation and measuring) in Ubuntu, then Revelation is a pretty good looking utility nonetheless!.

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