A Christmas Wallpaper for GNU/Linux Geeks :)

Well I just thought perhaps you’d wanna a good looking Christmas wallpaper (especially made out for GNU/Linux fans) to “decorate” your desktop a little bit. In that case you can try the below wallpaper that features few GNU/Linux distributions:

OpenSuse, RedHat (my first ever GNU/Linux distro :)), Debian, Gentoo and of course our little Ubuntu at the middle (center of all the attention as usual ;-)).

Some of the Colors are perhaps a bit outdated (for instance Ubuntu uses a bit dark Orange these days) but that’s because the wallpaper was created around 2010. But it looks good to me though.

Click on it to enlarge before saving …

I’m not a Christian but hey, I emphasize my right to say: “Merry Christmas everyone!”.

Image credit goes to: Kodein at Deviantart.

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