‘Limoo’ is a Minimalist Image Viewer for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS etc) & Other Distributions

‘Limoo’ is an open-source, QT 5 (user interface designer) based image viewer for GNU/Linux users who have a thing for minimalist & a bit fancy looking applications. It is however, is merely an image viewer and is not an image manager, like Shotwell.

It lets you browse through folders (with thumbnails/previews) & you can set images as the desktop background (worked perfectly in ‘Unity’), Cut/Copy/Rename/Delete/Rotate, set an image as the background (cover) of the application window, view simple details (Size, Dimensions & the Name) and open an image with a different application.

Any changes that you make (deleting an image or a folder in your file-manager, for instance) gets instantly updated on the application window. As mentioned in the beginning, it is very minimal and does not contain a menu, and all the above features are only shown when you right-click on an image (right-clicking again re-hides them), though the ‘Configure’ buttons allows a few customizations.

'Limoo' ver 1.01 running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Few options - 'Limoo' ver 1.01

A different menu is shown if you right-click on an empty space, by using which you can create a folder (an actual folder on the currently opened location), paste images into it & open the location in your file-manager as well.

It is also consumes a reasonable amount of RAM when running & hung-up (most of the time) while trying to ‘update’ the screen accordingly after I made a few changes through the file-manager. But it is a fresh application and these bugs hopefully will be addressed in the future releases (Update: According to the author, this is now fixed).

Configuratin options in 'Limoo' ver 1.0.1

There are pre-build packages for Ubuntu (I tested it only on 14.04 LTS) and an installer (GUI) is provided for other distributions. If interested, please visit this page for downloading it.

4 thoughts on “‘Limoo’ is a Minimalist Image Viewer for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS etc) & Other Distributions”

  1. I tried Limoo and plan to keep it because the full screen thumbnail page is a great way to look at large photo collections. (I have 46,000 photos that I refer to regularly.) But it is very minimal and I use Nomacs and the GIMP around for more detailed work on graphics.


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