Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released

Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. It is supported up to 5 years (both Desktop and Server versions) & I am sure Ubuntu hopes to deliver a more smooth, polished and importantly, a stable operating system, since it is a ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) release.

There have been few changes (improvements etc) from an end-user perspective as well as from a technological point of view (specially when compared to the non-LTS releases). According to the release notes page, power management has been further improved (specially on Intel based systems) and I am very excited to see it in action (I will come up with a review within a couple of days).

The disk I/O scheduler has also been changed from ‘CFQ’ to ‘Deadline’ (which is what the non-LTS releases have been using for sometime now) & 14.04 LTS includes Kernel 3.13. You can read the release notes from here & download the official image from Ubuntu official webpage (I recommend using the ‘torrent’ file as Ubuntu servers have been known to be a bit slow for a couple of days after a new release).

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