‘Curiyo’ Makes ‘Reading’ Web Content Easy (Browser Extension)

‘Curiyo’ is a new and a pretty cool web browser add-on that opens up a pop-up window on any term that you ‘Long-click’ (press and hold your left mouse button for a second), and gives you access to few online sources, through which you can gather more information about that particular term.

I know that even the very term ‘pop-up’ window makes you feel annoyed, however, I humbly recommend that you try ‘Curiyo’ at least once, because it is rather a very useful research tool.

‘Curiyo’ is also a smart add-on. If the term that you selected was a name of a famous person or a character, then it looks it up on ‘Who2’ web service and gives you a nice biography. If it could not find any data through ‘Who2’ service, then it searches them on ‘Wikipedia’. If the term is a web page, then it lists its home page as well.

'Curiyo' running on Firefox 23.0.1 with 'Long-click'

As shown in the below screen, it automatically highlights popular terms on a web page and once you click one brings up the same pop-up window for that term (you can disable it).

'Curiyo' with highlighting enabled - Firefox 23.0.1

Since ‘Curiyo’ lets you search the term on ‘Twitter’, as an image, ‘YouTube’, ‘News’, ‘IMDb’ and Google, you should, most of the time, find at least ‘something’, about that term. And thanks to the large icons with clear text labels, each clearly representing the ‘service’ it provides, makes the interface intuitive.

'Curiyo' YouTube search - Firefox 23.0.1
‘YouTube’ search …
'Curiyo' IMDb search - Firefox 23.0.1
‘IMDb’ search …

Once you are done reading, you can either close its window by using the button provided or, by clicking on an empty field on the web page. You can also search any term manually using its button that is located on the ‘Add-on Bar’ (at the bottom on Firefox) too, though for some reason, sometimes, for perfectly reasonable terms (such as ‘firefox 24’, it gives you blank results.

'Curiyo' accessed through the 'Add-on' Bar in Firefox 23

If you right-click any of the links/URLs on its window, you will be provided the default right-click context menu of your web-browser. And if you click on the icon at the top of ‘Curiyo’ window that has three horizontal lines, it will give you another menu, and from that if you choose ‘Original’, then it will execute the original search term for that page.

'Original' menu item - 'Curiyo' on Firefox 23.0.1

For instance, if I was reading something through the ‘Wikipedia’ icon, then clicking on the ‘Original’ menu will open up the original ‘Wikipedia’ URL through a new window. Oh by the way, you can share any data on its window through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Gmail services as well.

Social sharing options of 'Curiyo' - Firefox 23

These are the main features of ‘Curiyo’ at the moment. It is freely available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If interested, please visit this page to get it.

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