Enhance Web Browsing Experience in Firefox with ‘betterFox’

‘betterFox’ is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that can enhance your web browsing, although that heavily depends on whether you use Google as your main search engine since most of its features are implemented for it.

For example, once installed, it adds an ever present floating search bar, just below the URL address field, that you can use in Google for re-entering new searches, without having to scroll up. Unless you have a big monitor, this will come in real handy.

It also adds small icons to the search-bar of other web services (such as Yahoo!, Ebay, Wikipedia, YouTube etc) which you can use to search your existing search query in those web services.

'betterFox' is running on Firefox 22 (Windows 8)

The search results page gets further enhanced with the added ‘Instant Suggestions’ (currently there is no option to disable it), favicons, related Amazon shopping suggestions and infinite scrolling (when you scroll down, new search results from ‘next pages’ gets displayed automatically).

'Options' page - 'betterFox'

‘betterFox’ has a simple ‘Options’ page that lets you enable/disable some of its features and it does not require the web browser to be restarted upon its installation as well. It only works with Firefox 22.0 and newer versions, although according to some users, it seems to be usable in version 21.0.

If interested, then please go to this page for downloading and to learn more.

6 thoughts on “Enhance Web Browsing Experience in Firefox with ‘betterFox’”

  1. Can’t disable it, can’t delete it. It slows down my experience by physically putting boxes showing alternative sites to buy my desired product (which usually isn’t my desired product) right where I need to click. Can set options to remove the boxes, but at this point, I just want to remove the add on, but I can’t. Issue with Firefox 28 and 29.

    • Hi Deb,

      Sorry about the issue that you’re facing, but I can remove the addon without issues on Firefox 29.1 (yes it doesn’t seem to work on this version of Firefox).


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