‘MultiSave’ Lets you Save a Document into Multiple Formats at Once (LibreOffice)

If you use LibreOffice Writer for creating documents, then sometimes, being able to save the newly created documents into multiple formats might be a necessity. Though LibreOffice lets you save a document into a lot of other popular document formats, it does not support saving a document into a multiple formats, simultaneously.

But thanks to a LibreOffice extension called ‘MultiSave’, you can now save a chose document into three popular document formats: ‘OpenOffice’ (.odt), ‘MS Word’ (.doc) and ‘PDF’ (.pdf).

If interested, you can install this extension from this page.

Once you have opened its download page, click on the link that says ‘Get MultiSave For All Platforms‘ and then choose ‘Open’ from the web browser’s download box. Then when asked by LibreOffice, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Now restart LibreOffice and you should see its icon on the main tool-bar as shown above (you can also access it from the main menu by going over to: ‘File’ -> ‘MultiSave’, as well).

Thanks goes to Ferramosca Roberto @ LFFL for the tip :).

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