Correcting an Embarrassing Mistake

Few days ago I wrote about another disk I/O scheduler called ‘BFQ’ that can impressively improve the OS’s responsiveness when your HDD is under heavy I/O activity. Now no need to worry, as ‘BFQ’ is performing really well.

However, at the middle of the post, I wrote about how to install it in Ubuntu, but had suggested the wrong package for downloading :/. Though I should had told you guys to download the ‘linux-image …’ package, instead, I had written (plus, wrongly highlighted them in an screenshot) that you should be downloading the ‘linux-headers …’ package.

So if you had installed it and wondered why ‘BFQ’ did not improve the performance, then that is the reason, because I had simply suggested the wrong package. I usually check my post, every now and then, and thanks to that, just saw this mistake.

I have now corrected it (including the screenshot of that web link) and I humbly recommend for you to install ‘BFQ’ for real this time ;-), and I guarantee that it will improve the program loading times, when your HDD is really busy.

Again, I would like apologize for my stupid mistake and very sorry for all this trouble.

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