‘Understanding FOSS 2’: A simple, visual guide (PDF) to Free and open-source software

‘Understanding FOSS 2’ is an illustrative book about ‘Free and open-source software’ (FOSS) written by ‘Martin Owens’. In simple terms, if you’re new to open-source and looking for a simple guide that educates you about it, such as how it works, how it can prevail in a community, whether it’ll be able or not to withstand the ‘inevitable monetization’ etc then it’s worth reading.

It’s in PDF format and is free to download (licensed under ‘Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike’) and should also come in real handy to be used in a place like seminar as well.

Now as said, it’s a simple guide but it summarizes a lot of questions and other facts plus, because everything is visualized, I was able to read it from start to the end without falling asleep (not kidding dudes! :)).

Please visit this page for getting it. A thanks goes to ‘Martin Owens’ for creating it!.

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