Linux Mint 14 will be codenamed ‘Nadia’

Linux Mint, currently the most popular GNU/Linux distribution (according to ‘Distrowatch’) will be codenamed ‘Nadia’ with the Linux Mint 14 release, which is scheduled to be released around November, 2012. ‘Clem’ (the founder) says that ‘Nadia’ has several meanings and in Russian it means ‘Hope’.

And in truth, for all those who hate Gnome Shell and Ubuntu’s Unity desktops, Linux Mint has given some hope already with their own desktop environment called Cinnamon’ ;-). Linux Mint 14 Nadia will come with the following editions …

*. Cinnamon (main edition).

*. Mate.

*. KDE.

*. Xfce.

As with the current Linux Mint 13 release, the Cinnamon edition will include Gnome 3/Shell as well. Though there isn’t really anything else to read but you can read the official announcement from here if you like.

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