CMOS Powered Chip Power Consumption reduced by More than 50%!

If you’re not much of a geek then perhaps the name “CMOS” (stands for: Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) might sound like an alien life form 🙂 (kidding). It’s actually a technology used in manufacturing various types integrated circuits (used in TVs, Computers, Microprocessors and in almost all never electronic products).

According to a company called SuVolta (which specializes in enhancing CMOS related technologies) official announced that they’ve found a bit of a technological breakthrough that should cutoff the current power usage of a CMOS chip by more than 50%! (without reducing the performance that is).

In simple terms, this means that in the future we’ll see electronic devices that use require less power to run. And for us the users it means that in the future our mobile devices will have longer battery life.

You can read more about it (including technical specifications, etc) from this official SuVolta technology overview page.

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