Resize and Move Windows easily with “AltDrag”! (MS Windows)

Apart from all other “philosophical” difference, there are things here and there, where GNU/Linux makes the life of the user a bit easier :). For instance, while moving a window in Ubuntu you can just press the “Alt” key and grab the window from anywhere and move it easily.

But in MS Windows that can only be done by using the “title-bar”. And if the window that you’re trying to grab is in an awkward place (you know hidden from others) then things can be more irritating.

So wouldn’t it be nice if like with GNU/Linux we could easily move the windows easily in “Windows” (even without having to first click and bring them to into front)? If so, then you should check out this awesome little app called “AltDrag”.

Since it doesn’t make any sense to give a screenshot to show you what it does, have a look at the below video from the developer himself …

Main features…

*. Once installed, it’ll run in the notification area and let you just press the “Alt” key and move a window to anywhere.

*. Also lets you re-size any window (while pressing the “Alt”) by using your right mouse button.

*. Starting with the version 1.0 (still at alpha stage) now it has a “Settings” GUI that lets you customize few additional things such as: Automatically snap windows to screen edges, Change mouse/keyboard shortcuts, enable/disable automatic focus windows while dragging etc.

*. Run in system start-up (which can be disabled).

*. Supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

That’s about it actually.

The beta version comes in an archive format. Just extract the content to somewhere and simply launch the app. If you wanna give it a try, then get it from this AltDrag home page.

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