Simple & Elegant Text Editor for MS Windows – TicnoNotepad

The default text editor that comes with Microsoft Windows is a pretty decent one and if it doesn’t meet your requirements then you still can try the built in ‘Wordpad’ as well.

But for a change, if you’re looking for another free text editor that’s extremely simple yet quite effective (thanks to the excellent UI design), then TicnoNotepad is a tool that’s worth trying.

But remember, this is not a word processing program and only suits for simple text creation & editing purposes only but can come in handy while managing text or taking notes nonetheless. Not only that, because of its elegant UI I think it can be used as a distraction-free writing application as well (somewhat).

Main features…

*. A beautiful looking UI and colors (highly relative :D) and as said, simplicity is its main feature.

*. Change Font Size/Type/Bold/Italic, etc.

*. Undo/Redo.

*. Search for text.

*. Create new text files or add a “project” file for keep then in categories.

*. Enable/Disable side bar.

*. Text aligning.

*. Right click is not functional, so you’d have to use “Ctrl + “C” or “V” for copy and pasting other text entries into it.

It saves all of its files in a database of its own thus you won’t see any individual text files scattered here and there which makes accessing them quite easy. But remember, this is just a simple program thus is not a powerful word processor of any kind.

Although in the downloading page they say it’s a free trial but it seems like a freeware. If interested you can give it a try by going to this TicnoNotepad home page. Good luck.

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