Free Application Launcher (Dock) for Windows – Multibar

Multibar is a new application launcher for Windows that comes as part of the previously reviewed TicnoNotepad. Although you can get it as a separate application but remember, I don’t know whether it’s my pretty darn old GPU but I certainly felt a bit of a slowdown while accessing Multibar with transparency enabled in my PC.

But that being said, it could be just because of my GPU rather than the app. Anyhow like any other application dock, it too lets you easily add/remove programs to its launcher and get a clean looking desktop plus few other features that might get you interested.

Main features…

*. Comes with built in Add-on support.

*. Add/Remove files, folders and separators (if you want to remove added icons then make sure you’ve unchecked the “lock icons” in Settings).

*. After adding files, shows basic info such as size and name in 3D looking popups.

*. Change location.

*. Enable/Disable few Icon related effects.

*. Theme support.

*. Edit “hot-keys.

*. Has an desktop search tool of its own (with Indexing support) which you can use to search for files with ease (gonna take sometime to index your drive though).

*. You can access few more of its features via the “Settings” window as well.

As said, it’s relatively new it seems so lacks some features such as minimizing windows to the dock area and doesn’t seem to be quite there yet in my opinion.

Anyway, if interested you can try it from this Ticno Multibar page.

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