Extremely Simple Text Editor for Ubuntu 11.10 – “Scratch!”

Ubuntu 11.10 uses the Gnome Shell’s built in text editor known as the Gedit. And 11.10 is the first time that Ubuntu switched to the GTK3+ toolkit version and integrate Gnome3 desktop apps. As a result in Ubuntu 11.10 we have the latest built of Gedit version 3.0 which is pretty awesome.

But if you’re looking for an extremely simple, I say this again dudes … if you’re looking for an extremely simple text editor that’s somewhat light on resources then Elementary team has just the one for you and it’s named Scratch.

But remember, if you use Gedit or anything similar in nature then you might be a bit disappointed with Scratch. But that being said, it looks like a good distraction-free editor for basic tasks to me.

Main features…

*. Being built using the GTK3+ toolkit and integrates well with Ubuntu Unity.

*. Simple UI and there isn’t any menu bar at all.

*. Search for text.

*. Change Fonts.

*. Change between few built in color themes (which are imported from Gedit I suppose).

*. Add Tabs and “slice” your windows vertically.

*. Add/Remove text line numbers.

*. Undo/Redo.

*. Syntax highlighting and input methods for other text types such as: C/C#/C++, Java, HTML, XML, Latex, Perl, PHP, Vala (elementary dudes love Vala!), Python, etc are also there.

Things like Word wrap, word counting, spell check, add date/time etc are missing and if they can add those too it would be really awesome.

Sadly though you can only install it in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot currently. So, if you use Ubuntu 11.10 and wanna “Scratch” a little bit 😉 then first download a dependency called “libgranite” (a GTK UI element importer it seems) 32-bit from here and the 64-bit from here and double click on it to install them first.

Then download the original Scratch Text editor’s 32-bit file from here and 64-bit file from here. Again after the download completes, double click on it and install that too.

Then press “Alt” + “F2” keys and enter the below command to launch it.


That’s it.

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