Ubuntu Software Center is Selling e-Books & Magazines!

We gotta admit that thanks to the popularity of Ubuntu alone we’re seeing some popular games and other application developers starting to show a some real interest in GNU/Linux these days (you know, ways of monetizing it, yikes! :D). And starting with the latest Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, Ubuntu no longer uses the old and stable front-end to the “apt-get” command-line based software handler, Synaptic.

Instead they’ve done a huge amount of changes/improvements to the new Ubuntu Software Center. It used to provide both free and commercial apps in the past but yesterday Canonical announced that they’ll be selling e-books and magazines though it too!.

In their own words…

“Publishing our magazine titles through the Ubuntu Software Center provides us with a new way to serve our readers globally,…

titles including “The Official Ubuntu Book”, 6/e by Benjamin Hill, Matthew Helmke, Amber Graner and Corey Burger; “Ubuntu Unleashed: 2011 Edition …”

I don’t know whether this is available for the older Ubuntu OS (who still has USC) but these magazines are certainly in the, now a bit “old” Natty Narwhal software center already.

According Canonical, the purchasing process is pretty secure and all you gotta do is just search for your e-book/magazine and simply click on the “Buy” button and if you have a registered “Launchpad” account then you can use it or you’ll be asked to register with the “Ubuntu Single Sign-in” account… and off you go!.

And as with applications, users can review books & magazines as well. So, if you’re totally new to Ubuntu and would like to learn some of the basics (even expert stuff) and willing to pay few bucks… well then this could be great news for you (I think 😉 ).

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