KDE Plasma Active One Desktop is Live!

When it comes to graphical desktop environments under GNU/Linux, KDE is actually one of the oldest (even older than Gnome). Although when they first started designing it using the Qt-toolkit (which was proprietary at that time), they ran into some real troubles back then.

But after some fighting with the TrollTech (company who owned it back then) they managed to get it released under GNU/GPL. Later the tool-kit was bought by Nokia, and to this day they own it.

Anyhow, basically nowadays Qt/KDE desktop is build around an “idealistic-framework” called Plasma desktop (uses the OpenGL rendering for beautiful 3D looking windows, etc) and it consists of main three portions.

The Awesome Plasma Active One!

*. The desktop edition: This is the most widely used one.

*. The Netbook edition: Since netbooks have a somewhat restricted display, etc thus they’ve redesigned the awesome looking KDE desktop and its applications to “fit” under the somewhat smaller Netbook type device screens.

*. The Plasma Active One: This is intended for the touch-screen based devices. So basically if you’re using something like a tablet-PC for instance and looking for a desktop that’s written in Qt + optimized for those screens… then this is the one to go for :).

If I remember correctly it was previously called “Plasma Active” but few hours ago KDE website announced that they’ve released the project under a new name (including its first ever official¬†availability!) and now its called KDE Plasma Active One!.

Currently I don’t think there are any PPA channels for the Kubuntu users that I’m aware of and the desktop seems to run on tablet PCs like Wetab or ideapad for instance.

How can I install it?

According to this KDE wiki page, the best method is to give it a try via a USB drive and for that you’re gonna have to first get the live CD ISO images (just use the above link).

Currently there seems to be two iso images available via GNU/Linux projects that uses MeeGo platform (another popular Linux project aimed at portable devices) called basysKom and the Open-slx (an OpenSuse based GNU/Linux distribution). So just download the images and “burn” them into a USB drive and off you go!.

If you want more information, then please visit this Plasma Active One official web site as well.

They’ve even released a video showing-off the new desktop UI, etc … also try to enjoy the below video too :D.

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