How to Get the Official Ubuntu CD/DVD Covers (artwork)?

GNU/Linux distributions or operating systems in general use different methods for brand-recognition. The use of colors, themes, backgrounds and artwork play a major role. Now concerning Ubuntu, they used to have a free CD give-away program called “Ship-it” which was like super popular and helped Ubuntu immensely to “become”. But that program was terminated recently by Canonical.

Those CDs used to come with beautiful looking Ubuntu logo and other artwork (on the CD itself and the boxes etc). But now since we don’t have that program anymore … after downloading the official disc image files we gotta burn them into the CD/Wallets manually, which is pretty handy if you run a little Ubuntu loco team for instance.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is finding them. Now I may be playing the role of a fool here but I’ve been wondering where the heck can I get them pretty CD/DVD art-work covers for sometime until recently I came across the official Ubuntu marketing site accidentally!.

So if you’ve also been wondering how to find the official Ubuntu CD/DVD covers … well they’re all available from this official Ubuntu marketing Wiki page.

Currently they have art-work files for Ubuntu Desktop, Server and Kubuntu versions (Lubuntu has a page of their own too). Starting with the latest 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 11.04 Natty Narwhal to 5.04!. Not just the CD covers (both front & back) but also other materials such as:

*. Wallet artwork.

*. Posters.

*. Banners.

*. Stickers.

*. Fonts and images (high resolutions).

Hey!… long time no see :)…

The files are in PDF format and some are actually high quality ones (2-3 MB in size, or maybe more) which you can easily burn into the CD/DVD (as long as you have a light-scribe burner of course) OR can print them pretty posters and help “spread Ubuntu”. Enjoy!.

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