Dell Selling Ubuntu Pre-installed PCs in China!

Ubuntu has an ever growing market share (20 million users and counting!)  and as a result they also has some major OEM under their Ubuntu Certified Hardware program. Although thanks to the GNU/Linux (the Kernel behind the OS) unlike with MS Windows, the OS supports a massive amount of different hardware (without the need of third party hardware drivers, most of the time) but if you have one of the PCs that’s certified by Ubuntu, then it’s a guarantee that Ubuntu will run on the PC as smooth as it can get ;-).

The latest news is that, 2 days ago Canonical announced that in collaboration with Dell computers, they’ll be selling Ubuntu Pre-installed PCs in China across 220 retail stores. The initial idea was “launched” by the Ubuntu team located in China, Beijing it seems.

Although it’s not entirely clear what sort of computers they’re talking about (meaning hardware specifications) but on the images (as you can see below) there are Laptops/Notebooks and they have some beautiful looking desktops lined-up as well.

In their own words…

“For the consumer, Ubuntu is now an easy choice, with a clean, crisp elegant interface, an exceptional browsing experience and a fully-integrated software center for great applications and games (both free and paid for)…

With an actively growing base of over 20 million users this represents another significant endorsement from one of the world’s major PC vendors.”

So if you live in China and want to buy a PCs that includes only Ubuntu (means excellent GNU/Linux support in general too) which should come with a somewhat cheaper price when compared with Microsoft ones… then this is just awesome news for ya all!.

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