Checksum Generator & Verifier for Windows – SFV Ninja

Checksum is an extremely popular file method that can be used to check for the integrity of a file. Say that you downloaded a file from a web site and wanted to make sure that the file you’ve got is an exact replica of the original one (sometimes files get corrupted while downloading), then if the website provides us the ‘checksum’ file of the original file, we can compare the two and see if it’s corrupted or not.

‘SFV Ninja’ is a file checksum generator and a verifier that can be used under the MS Windows operating system.

Main features…

*. Supports MD5, SFV and SHA-1 algorithms.

*. Save and generate Checksum files.

*. Scan for all or newly added files.

*. Add/Remove files or folders to its list with ease.

*. Load checksum files.

*. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 2008, 7.

Generated Checksums…

Well, that’s about it for the features actually. Oh btw this is a portable application so you can easily put it inside of your Pendrive for instance which is pretty handy as well.

To give it a try please go to this page. Good luck.

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