Blogger will be Switching (permanently) to the New Interface Soon!

As with most other bloggers, I too started off with Google’s Blogger platform (which is awesome btw). Although it has its limitations… but if you’re okay with Google having access to your files… then you’ll have free web hosting with unlimited resources!.

For instance, I know sites that are hosted in Blogger which gets like 30000 -- 50000 unique visitors. Most of the cases you should be using something like a VPS (virtual private server) by then if you’re using a paid hosting. But as long as you’re with Blogger, no matter how “hard” the traffic is… you’ll never need to buy hosting and Blogger will always be able to keep up with the ever growing traffic.

Anyhow, recently the Blogger developers announced that they’ll be introducing a new UI for the publishing platform that’ll give a whole new look to Blogger. And to be honest, although in comparison, the new Blogger UI looks very similar to the WordPress as well ;-).

Currently, the UI is still at its beta stage thus we can easily switch back to the old one (most don’t like the default color combinations in the new blogger UI) but according to Blogger Buzz  (official announcement site for Blogger) like 2 weeks from now, blogger will be switching to the new UI by default.

Still, we can switch back to the old interface but they said that, initially they’ll be switching to the new interface nonetheless. So since Google owns blogger, there’s nothing you or me can do about that. So, even if you don’t like the new UI that much but you should be better of getting to know the UI before the “inevitable” happens.

They’ve also released a video showing some of the new changes/features as shown above.

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