Manjaro 17.0.2 KDE Review: Looks Gorgeous, Responsive & Power Efficient (A Little Slow to Boot, Though)

Manjaro is no alien operating system to me for I have reviewed it three times in the past. First I reviewed Manjaro ‘Ascella’ XFCE edition back in 2013, then I reviewed Manjaro KDE (4.12.2) edition back in 2014, and then in December 2015 I again reviewed Manjaro KDE edition (Capella) which featured KDE 5.5.1. I actually tried … Read more

Ubuntu 17.04 Review: Except for the Horrible DNS Issue (now ‘fixed’), a Good Release. Oh and, Farewell Unity!

Apparently, the recently released Ubuntu operating system (17.04) will be the last time Ubuntu will feature its own desktop shell ‘Unity’ which was first introduced back in 2010. So, it survived 7 years, almost. It actually did not ‘survive’, in my opinion, even though I myself was too quick to criticize it (well, back then I … Read more

Fedora 25 Review: A Stable Release, But Slightly Slow to Boot (on rotational disks)

The last version of Fedora operating system I reviewed was Fedora 23, and I quite deliberately skipped Fedora 24. The main reason was that starting with Fedora 22, Fedora developers had decided to abandon a core utility (‘systemd-readahead‘) that was capable of speeding up boot-up times quite significantly on rotational hard disk drives. The reason for … Read more

Ubuntu 16.10 Review: Not Bad, But if You’re Happy with 16.04 LTS, Stick with it!

After the previous 16.04 Long Term Release, Ubuntu has rolled out its latest ‘short term’ (my own naming convention for the non-LTS releases) version 16.10. Mainly, the ‘short term’ releases are only supported for 9 months and usually include software applications with their recent updates. When you release a new version of your operating system within every … Read more

Supercharge Your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with XanMod Kernel (includes BFQ)

XanMod is a custom built kernel for Debian and Ubuntu operating systems that comes with couple of tweaks for optimizing the performance. According to the authors, the Kernel has the potential of increasing the performance of high-performing Workstations, Game playback, Media Centers and such like. Tweaks are applied to the existing core utilities of Linux, … Read more

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Review: They Did it Again!

Linux Mint is one of the most popular (GNU/Linux) operating systems around, and according to‘s popularity ranking factor, for many years now Linux Mint has been on the top 3 most popular distributions (now it’s actually the number one!, surpassing Debian and Ubuntu. By the way, Fedora’s ranking is sinking fast, no surprise there though. Fedora … Read more

Install Variety (Wallpaper Changer) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 15.10, 15.04…

Variety is a features rich wallpaper manager (changer) that is available for Ubuntu and many other GNU/Linux distributions, and it’s probably the one that’s in active development that runs smoothly on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I said that because even though others of its kind, such as ‘Wallch’, which are also available for Ubuntu (from older versions to all … Read more