‘PotPlayer’ is a ‘DXVA’ Enabled, Efficient Media Player for Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP)

For years, ‘KMPlayer’ has been my favorite media player under MS Windows. It can play almost any audio/video codec, has a beautiful UI, comes with a huge number of options, completely free, one couldn’t ask for more :D.

I’ve … Read the rest

Easily Merge PDF Files in Windows 8 Using ‘PDF Merge’

‘PDF Merge’ is a very simple tool that lets you merge PDF documents with ease. Since it requires ‘.NET Framework 4’ to run, it should work natively in Windows 8 (as it comes with ‘.Net 4’ installed by default) and … Read the rest

Install ‘Nomacs 1’ (image viewer) on Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10, 12.04, 11.10 etc

‘Nomacs’ is an image viewer (with basic image editing support) that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows & Mac OS X. It has a beautiful interface, supports image slideshows, runs in multiple instances, has a built in image color manipulator, reads RAW … Read the rest

‘Sleep#’ Puts Windows PCs to Sleep During Multimedia Playback

‘Sleep#’ (‘sleepsharp’) is a simple but a handy utility for those of you who listen to audio or video songs before going to sleep, and looking for a way to put the PC to sleep once the playback (or playlist) … Read the rest

Install ‘QWinFF’ (multimedia converter) on Ubuntu 12.10, 12.04, 11.10 etc

‘QWinFF’ is a simple & intuitive multimedia converter (based on ‘ffmpeg’) that runs on GNU/Linux and Windows. I first wrote about almost an year ago, and since then, it has undergone a few changes.

‘QWinFF’ now supports ‘cutting’ (changes … Read the rest

‘Aard’ is a Useful Offline Dictionary (Ubuntu, Windows & Mac OS X)

‘Aard’ is a simple and easy to use offline dictionary that runs on Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X. And unlike many other offline dictionaries, no matter what operating system that you use, ‘Aard’ is extremely easy to setup … Read the rest

Securely Shred files in Windows using ‘BitKiller’ (portable)

‘BitKiller’ is an application that lets you easily delete files & folders securely (beyond the ability to recovery them later). It is open-source (GPL licensed), free to use and doesn’t need to be installed either, so you can use it … Read the rest

‘Tuniac’ is a Lightweight Music Manager for Windows

‘Tuniac’ is a simple and a memory friendly music manager for Windows. It supports a lot of audio formats (not only audio files, you can even add video files into its window and will still play the audio track!) … Read the rest

Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive Containing Windows 8 using ‘UUI’

Using USB flash drives for installing operating systems is very popular these days, especially among the GNU/Linux fans. There are hundreds of different GNU/Linux distributions out there, most release a new version, once every six months, and major distributions (such … Read the rest

‘baretorrent’ is a Portable BitTorret Client (Windows, Ubuntu & OS X)

‘baretorrent’ is an open-source, completely free, bittorrent client that runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. It has a simple looking and a slightly different interface (as it displays the advanced details of torrents to the right) when comparing … Read the rest

Accelerate Your Downloads in Windows 8 with ‘EagleGet’

‘EagleGet’ is a new download accelerator for the Windows platform, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free to use!. It is currently in beta stage and I have only tested it in Windows 8, but … Read the rest

Remove ‘EFI’ & Other Partitions on a USB Flash Drive Using Windows 8 (Created by ‘dd’)

In GNU/Linux, you can create a bootable USB flash drive using an ISO disc image of another distribution, by using the command-line. The command that is used to create that is called ‘dd’.

By default, almost all USB flash drives … Read the rest

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