How to Disable the ‘smooth scrolling’ in Firefox 13 & 14?

You know, I just upgraded to Firefox 13 (did a ‘clean installation’ actually, uninstalled the ‘old’ Firefox and installed the new one). Sure it has ‘borrowed’ few ideas from Google Chrome/Chromium etc, but Mozilla has done few enhancements of their … Read the rest

How to Reset the ‘Location bar search” setting in Mozilla Firefox?

In Mozilla Firefox, if the URL that you entered is invalid, then it’ll search for that term in Google by default (might change in the future). But sometimes, it can happen that (specially after installing some “freeware” applications), the search … Read the rest

How to Enable Touchpad Scrolling & Zooming in Dell Vostro V131?

Few days ago I got my brand new Dell Vostro V131 (core i3 version) notebook. So far it’s good, certainly not perfect (heats up a little more than I expected, not above being that uncomfortable though), but for the price, … Read the rest

Asus Releases a Powerful 12.5 Inch Ultraportable Notebook named: B23E

Asus has just announced a 12.5 inch notebook (could be their first one as well) that has some high end hardware specifications. It features Intel Core i3/i5 or an i7 processor, with 8GB of RAM, 750GB of HDD and a … Read the rest

Wikipedia Going Offline for 24 Hours! (Protesting against SOPA & PIPA)

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about SOPA and PIPA “Piracy Acts” rendered by the United States House of Representatives few months back. Now I ain’t gonna talk about that but, the boringly long BUT at the same time extremely useful … Read the rest

LG Introduces Extremely Thin & Fast Ultrabooks called Z330 & Z430

Ultrabooks aren’t for everyone, or at least when considering their hardware features in today’s’ standards. For instance, they don’t come with optical drives nor gamers friendly powerful graphics.

Although some say the importance of having an optical drive will eventually … Read the rest

Advanced Download Manager Addon for Firefox – DownThemAll!

If you’re not happy with the built in download manager of your web browser (which is totally understandable btw :)) then the best solution is to install some sort of a dedicated download manager such as Uget or GetGo for … Read the rest

How to Enhance Audio & Video Quality in K-Lite Codec Pack?

If you’re looking for a singe installer that will make sure that you’ll be able to play almost all known codecs to mankind :) (I’m serious though!) plus at the same time that doesn’t cost you anything at all, then K-Lite Read the rest

CMOS Powered Chip Power Consumption reduced by More than 50%!

If you’re not much of a geek then perhaps the name “CMOS” (stands for: Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) might sound like an alien life form :) (kidding). It’s actually a technology used in manufacturing various types integrated circuits (used in TVs, Computers, Microprocessors … Read the rest

Few Simple Safety Tips for Online Shopping in the Holiday Season

Things get a bit mad in the holiday season for both shoppers and online retailers because people just shop like crazy :). And when it comes to online shopping, security or privacy is a major concern.

Although you should always … Read the rest

How to Add a Multiple Tabs Close Warning Dialog in Google Chrome?

If you haven’t heard, few days ago Google Chrome surpassed Firefox web browser’s popularity according to Statcounter (a web site analytic service). But despite all these “good” things about Chrome many still use (including me) the fully open source, highly … Read the rest

Automatic Lyrics Fetching Extension for Google Chrome – LGC!

Free online video hosting services have changed a lot of things. For good or the bad they’ve shown how “useful” they can be. For instance, rather than having stored all your multimedia collection on your computer, if you upload them … Read the rest

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