How to Install ‘Virtual DJ’ (7.4.1) on Ubuntu 13.10 ?

I am not a DJ, but after seeing one of my friend’s work as a DJ, I also wanted to try it a bit (just for fun :) ), and that is how I came across ‘Virtual DJ’. It is easy … Read the rest

Install ‘indicator-cpufreq’ on Ubuntu 13.10

The ‘CPU’ is one of the most power consuming hardware of a computer. Although CPUs come with built-in, automated & on-demand power saving features (such as shutting down certain ‘regions’ & cores, or reducing the overall clock speed), there are … Read the rest

‘I-Nex’ Lists PC Hardware Information on Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04

‘I-Nex’ is a small, but a very handy utility that shows a comprehensive list of hardware (and some software) information of your computer. If you are looking for a ‘CPU-Z’ replacement for Ubuntu, then this is it!.

I first … Read the rest

Install ‘Curlew’ (multimedia converter) 0.1.21 on Ubuntu 13.10

‘Curlew’ is a multimedia converter (GUI that uses ‘ffmpeg’, ‘avconv’ and ‘mencoder’ -- command-line based tools) for GNU/Linux. It is an easy to use application that lets you convert over to more than 117 formats, says the author.

You can … Read the rest

‘Add Helper’ Helps You to Focus on the Active Window (Ubuntu 13.10)

‘Compiz’, the window manager of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop, comes with a set of plugins that add various additional features to the window management. Though most of these do nothing but add ‘fancy effects’ (no disrespect intended :) ), there are some … Read the rest

Convert Audio/Video Files in Ubuntu (13.10 …) & Windows 8 Using ‘FFmpegYAG’

‘FFmpegYAG’ is a free utility (a GUI for ‘FFmpeg’) that lets you easily convert audio/video files into other formats (including the ability to move into a different ‘container’ -- without having to re-encode).

It is available for both Microsoft … Read the rest

Does ‘Zswap’ Really Improve Responsiveness ? (Ubuntu 13.10)

Because it is directly associated with the overall responsiveness, any operating system prefers to keep the users’ most frequently used data (programs, files etc) in RAM because data on RAM can be accessed extremely fast when compared to other … Read the rest

Ubuntu 13.10 (vs 13.04) Review

The world’s most popular open-source operating system ‘Ubuntu’ has reached the 13.10 (code named ‘Saucy Salamander’) release, although the most anticipated feature -- ‘Mir’ (the new display server designed by Ubuntu developers) did not make it into the 13.10 Desktop … Read the rest

‘SoundWheel’ Adds a Visualization to any Audio Playback in Ubuntu (13.04, 12.10 & 12.04)

Most music managers and media players come with built-in visualizations, but there are also a few, that does not. Now I am not obsessed with playing a visualization every time I listen to an audio track, however, at times, it … Read the rest

Crop PDF Pages in Ubuntu 13.04 using ‘krop’

If you have a mobile device with a small screen size, then while reading PDF files it might be necessary to crop out ‘unnecessary’ white space of the pages, as it can reduce the scrolling.

If you use Ubuntu, you … Read the rest

Track ‘Ubuntu Edge’ Crowdfunding Progress Easily with ‘Ubuntu Edge Indicator’

If you are an Ubuntu user, then by now, you must have heard the news that Ubuntu has started a crowdfunded project for raising money for the development of the upcoming Ubuntu Phone called ‘Ubuntu Edge’.

So far the funding … Read the rest

‘Pimagizer’ is Minimalist Image Resizer for Ubuntu 13.10, 13.04, 12.10 & 12.04

‘Pimagizer’ is new image resizing utility for GNU/Linux. It has a minimalistic appearance thus you will not get a lot of options, but it has a unique way (somewhat) of arranging thumbnails of the loaded images, after which, in my … Read the rest

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