‘Limoo’ is a Minimalist Image Viewer for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS etc) & Other Distributions

‘Limoo’ is an open-source, QT 5 (user interface designer) based image viewer for GNU/Linux users who have a thing for minimalist & a bit fancy looking applications. It is however, is merely an image viewer and is not an image manager, like Shotwell. It lets you browse through folders (with thumbnails/previews) & you can set … Read more

‘ocenaudio’ is a Fast & a Free Audio Editor for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows & Mac OS X

‘ocenaudio’ is a features rich, free audio editor for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X, operating systems. Although it runs natively under Ubuntu and looks very intuitive, the interface has a native Mac OS X look which is my¬†only complaint. It supports lots of audio formats (covering both importing & exporting) and loads them pretty … Read more

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released

Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. It is supported up to 5 years (both Desktop and Server versions) & I am sure Ubuntu hopes to deliver a more smooth, polished and importantly, a stable operating system, since it is a ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) release. There have been few changes (improvements etc) from an end-user perspective … Read more

Install ‘Curlew’ (multimedia converter) 0.1.21 on Ubuntu 13.10

‘Curlew’ is a multimedia converter (GUI that uses ‘ffmpeg’, ‘avconv’ and ‘mencoder’ — command-line based tools) for GNU/Linux. It is an easy to use application that lets you convert over to more than 117 formats, says the author. You can choose between a lot of built in presets, preview files before encoding and change advanced … Read more

‘Add Helper’ Helps You to Focus on the Active Window (Ubuntu 13.10)

‘Compiz’, the window manager of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop, comes with a set of plugins that add various additional features to the window management. Though most of these do nothing but add ‘fancy effects’ (no disrespect intended ), there are some that can be considered useful. ‘Add Helper’ for instance, is a plugin that has the … Read more

Convert Audio/Video Files in Ubuntu (13.10 …) & Windows 8 Using ‘FFmpegYAG’

‘FFmpegYAG’ is a free utility (a GUI for ‘FFmpeg’) that lets you easily convert audio/video files into other formats (including the ability to move into a different ‘container’ — without having to re-encode). It is available for both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux (pre-built ‘deb’ packages are available for Ubuntu and Debian) platforms, and comes with … Read more