Ubuntu 15.04 (vs 14.10 vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Demands A Little ‘Spanking’, But Rocks Afterwards!

Ubuntu 15.04, code named ‘Vivid Vervet’, does not include any significant changes from an end-user’s point of view, although, as far as system administrators & perhaps (low-level) software developers are concerned, a significant change  has taken place because with this … Read the rest

How To Disable Low Disk Space Warning in Ubuntu 14.10?

Ubuntu comes with a disk space usage analyzer (GUI) called ‘Baobab’ (Gnome application). Other than displaying the disk space usage using pretty charts, it also used to include an option that lets you disable low disk space warnings, but there … Read the rest

Change the Disk I/O Scheduler to ‘CFQ’ on Ubuntu 14.10 [How to]

As I mentioned in my Ubuntu 14.10 review, I was disappointed with the operating system’s responsiveness, for which, I later blamed the ‘deadline’ I/O scheduler. Luckily I was able to fix it by simply switching over to ‘CFQ’, the … Read the rest

Performance Based Ubuntu 14.10 (vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Less Responsive (can be fixed) & Boring

Summary: In terms of performance, Ubuntu 14.10 is slightly degraded (except for the power consumption) compared to 14.04 LTS, but is still a stable release.

I firmly believe that it is a fundamental mistake to release a new version of … Read the rest

Ubuntu 14.10 Released

You know, posting news was never my ‘thing’, which is why one does not get to see a lot of news articles on my blog. That said, even lazy geeks like me cannot ignore when a new version of Ubuntu … Read the rest

Get Distraction-Free Update Notifications on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (& 13.10) with ‘update-notifier’ Indicator

Everyone knows the importance of keeping their operating system up-to-date, but in Ubuntu, I hate it when the ‘Software Updater’ opens up and sticks itself onto the ‘Application Launcher’, a major distraction.

A better alternative would be to simply notify … Read the rest

‘Limoo’ is a Minimalist Image Viewer for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS etc) & Other Distributions

‘Limoo’ is an open-source, QT 5 (user interface designer) based image viewer for GNU/Linux users who have a thing for minimalist & a bit fancy looking applications. It is however, is merely an image viewer and is not an image … Read the rest

‘ocenaudio’ is a Fast & a Free Audio Editor for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows & Mac OS X

‘ocenaudio’ is a features rich, free audio editor for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X, operating systems. Although it runs natively under Ubuntu and looks very intuitive, the interface has a native Mac OS X look which is my only … Read the rest

‘CDEmu’ is an Optical Disc Drive Emulator for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

‘CDEmu’ is an optical disc drive (CD & DVD) emulator for GNU/Linux. The main application is based on the command-line but there exists a GUI (‘gCDEmu‘), and under Ubuntu’s Unity desktop shell, the access to the GUI is … Read the rest

Cut, Resize & Convert Multimedia Files on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using ‘QWinFF’

‘QWinFF’ is an extremely easy to use, ‘ffmpeg’ based multimedia converter for GNU/Linux & Windows. I have been checking it out from time to time & with each release, it gets better and better.

With ‘QWinFF’ you can convert a … Read the rest

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Review – Stable, Responsive & Polished

Ubuntu 14.04 (code named ‘Trusty Tahr‘) is the fifth ‘Long Term Support’ release, and being as such, these releases are thoroughly tested & include less features (since they demand too much changes being made to the codes) as … Read the rest

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Released

Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. It is supported up to 5 years (both Desktop and Server versions) & I am sure Ubuntu hopes to deliver a more smooth, polished and importantly, a stable operating system, since it is a ‘Long … Read the rest

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