Chrome OS Linux (1.7.932 RC) Live CDs Available for Download!

Chrome OS Linux is a completely separate project from the original Google Chrome OS. Although they both “revolve” around the Chrome web browser, yet the Chrome OS Linux is an independent GNU/Linux distribution build on the OpenSuse distribution. According to her developers, the aim is to develop a lightweight operating system (with an emphasis on … Read more

How to Install Amarok 2.5 (beta1) in Kubuntu/Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?

Amarok without a doubt is one of the best free and cross-platform music players and is also one of the major components of the KDE desktop environment. It supports few multimedia frameworks (Gstreamer/Phonon and player engines such as Xine), has  beautiful UI design, lets you easily manage “big” music collections … what can I say, … Read more

How to Create Thumbnails of Office Document Formats in Ubuntu?

Nautilus the default file manager in Ubuntu can create previews or thumbnails of a lot of file types (audio/video/pictures/PDF etc) thanks to other individual applications & their Nautilus integration. This includes text files too but it can’t generate thumbnails out of office document formats such as the Open Document format (.odt extension, which is shared by both … Read more

Best Optical Disc Image Manager for Ubuntu Linux – AcetoneISO

I’ve come up with quite a few disc image mounters under Ubuntu lately. Some had decent amount of features and some were extremely simple yet more than capable of serving their purpose, such as “Mounty” for instance. But yesterday I accidentally found a bloody awesome, all purpose optical disc image mounter–manager (since it’s more than … Read more