How to Make “ffmpegthumbnailer” work in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?

If you haven’t heard then “ffmpegthumbnailer” is an awesome little tool that uses the faster and more efficient FFmpeg multimedia library to help Nautilus file manager create video thumbnails faster than Totem does. Now Totem is based on Gstreamer framework and I don’t know whether it’s Totem or Gstreamer to blame here but you can … Read more

Wanna hear the ‘5 Minutes Spent’: “Foss Yeaaaah!”?

Benjamin Kernsa, an Ubuntu contributor and Foss contributor has decided to express his feelings about Unity desktop, Gnome and Foss in general by singing about it!. The song is called “Foss Yeaaaah!” which sounds pretty decent (specially considering he has spent like only 5 minutes to create it!) and is about 2.15 minutes long. Personally … Read more