Graphical Storage Device Manager for Ubuntu – “PySDM”

By default Ubuntu comes with a disk manager (a GUI) of its own that lets you do some basic tasks such as mounting and un-mounting file systems, perform some basic benchmarks, formatting etc.

But it won’t let us access other … Read the rest

Simple Audio Editor for Ubuntu Linux – mhWaveEdit!

Ubuntu comes with a dedicated app called “sound recorder” which is pretty simple application. But if you want to record, edit (with few effects, etc) and then play the files with all your changes … well that ain’t gonna do … Read the rest

Batch Raw Image Converter for Ubuntu Linux – RawStudio!

Whether it’s a scanner, digital camera or whatever the device that you use, a raw image is the result of a minimally processed image (also known as an uncompressed image). They usually have “huge” file sizes (in comparison of course) … Read the rest

How to Securely Delete files Easily in Ubuntu Linux?

Just because we delete a file from our computer doesn’t really mean that it’s “gone”. Because the OS just removes the file from its index (if you’re not much of a tech-geek then think of it as a list where … Read the rest

How to Install Chromium in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?

Although I’m a very faithful user of the awesome Firefox web browser (not everything think so though :D) and just try to avoid using Google Chrome since it’s known to tracking user data, etc thus if you’re care about personal … Read the rest

Extremely Simple Text Editor for Ubuntu 11.10 – “Scratch!”

Ubuntu 11.10 uses the Gnome Shell’s built in text editor known as the Gedit. And 11.10 is the first time that Ubuntu switched to the GTK3+ toolkit version and integrate Gnome3 desktop apps. As a result in Ubuntu 11.10 we … Read the rest

How to Change the Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot?

Recently released the latest version of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot uses a lot of individual programs and technologies build for the Gnome Shell (or the 3.0 version). And as a result, some of the UI or the look-n-feel of the … Read the rest

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Daily Build ISO Images Available for Download!

Canonical has some big plans for the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS edition code named Precise Pangolin. The usual LTS (long term support) has about 3 years support for the desktop edition but Canonical announced that for the 12.04, they’ll expand Read the rest

How to Create an ISO Disc Image from any Folder/File in Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu we can easily create an ISO disc image of any CD/DVD thanks to the Brasero optical disc burning utility. But what if all you have is nothing but folders and files and wondering an easy way to create … Read the rest

How to Add files from Nautilus to Totem Playlist in Ubuntu?

Totem is the default multimedia player that comes with Gnome desktop and is also “shared” by Ubuntu’s Unity. It’s not really a player actually but only a front-end that uses the Gstreamer multimedia framework.

And personally I don’t use Totem … Read the rest

Simple Download Manager for Ubuntu Linux – uGet

Although web browsers come with a download manager of their own but most users find they’re to be too simple. And if you usually deal with a lot of downloads and want additional control over your them then you’ll have … Read the rest

Cross-Platform ID3 Tag Editor – EasyTAG!

The term “Tag Editing” actually refers to editing of a certain type of “meta-data” content inside of a multimedia container. This “meta data” is what holds information such as the “Artist Name, Year, Genre etc” and is used by the … Read the rest

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