Enable ‘post-processing’ & Hardware Acceleration in VLC for Intel HD-3000 GPU on Fedora 22

When compared to premium graphical processing units from AMD/ATI & Nvidia, there’s nothing much to say about the Intel GPUs. They’re basically useless for gaming.

But, being a GPU nonetheless, if you own one (my condolences ūüėÄ ), then the … Read the rest

How to Install FoxitReader 1.1 on Fedora (22, 21…)?

‘FoxitReader’ was a very popular PDF reader among ¬†the GNU/Linux users, but sadly, Foxit no longer develops the GNU/Linux version and¬†the previously existed official download links are now gone as well.

To tell you the truth, these days, I … Read the rest

Korora 22 (Gnome3) Review: Works Right Out Of the Box & Includes Lots of Apps

Korora is an old GNU/Linux distribution (originated in 2005) that used to be¬†based on ‘Gentoo’. But in 2007 the development of Korora was abandoned, yet in 2010, it was reborn, but this time it was based on ‘Fedora’, rather … Read the rest

How to Install ‘HandBrake’ 0.10.2 on Fedora 22?

Whether it’s ripping a DVD or converting a multimedia file into a different format, ‘HandBrake’ is one of my favorite video transcoders due its powerful features. Where most others lack (subtle) advanced features such as video cropping, ‘Handbrake’ has it … Read the rest

Fedora 22 Review: Bit of a Slow Boot-up, Otherwise Much Improved

It’s tough, robust, stable, idealistic, and loyal¬†to¬†its principles. This is my conceived idea of the GNU/Linux distribution known as ‘Fedora’. That said,¬†I don’t necessarily admire all of its characteristics, but I deal with Fedora¬†with respect because¬†… Read the rest

Ubuntu 15.04 (vs 14.10 vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Demands A Little ‘Spanking’, But Rocks Afterwards!

Ubuntu 15.04, code named ‘Vivid Vervet’, does not include any significant changes from an end-user’s point of view, although, as far as system administrators & perhaps (low-level) software developers are concerned, a significant change¬† has taken place because with this … Read the rest

KaOS 2015.02 Review: Delivers a Pure KDE Plasma 5.0 Desktop

My previous encounter with ‘KaOS’ was a delightful one. It was a beautiful, fresh (barely nine months old back then), fast and a responsive GNU/Linux distribution. And from an emotional perspective, it also¬†felt ‘focused!’. And it in fact … Read the rest

Clear The Partition Layout Created by ‘dd’, using GNU/Linux [How to]

For my operating system¬†reviews, I frequently rely on the ‘dd’ utility in GNU/Linux for creating¬†a bootable USB storage device (pendrive) from an ISO disc image.

While using ‘dd’ is easy and convenient, its approach is such that … Read the rest

Install ‘mpv’ (media player) on Fedora 21 [How to]

‘mpv’ is a powerful multimedia player that¬†is based on MPLayer and mplayer2 projects. It also contains new features of its own (according to the developers)¬†and supports hardware (GPU) based video decoding (through VDPAU, VAAPI and VDA APIs) as … Read the rest

How to Shred a Partition in Fedora 21?

I recently had an interesting experience with one of my partitions that had an ‘Ext4’ file system on it¬†which¬†used to contain (installed) data of¬†a certain GNU/Linux distribution. I later reformatted it using ‘Ext4’ and re-installed the … Read the rest

Install VirtualBox 4.3.20 on Fedora 21 [How to]

Since it is free & includes wide variety of features, ‘VirtualBox‘ is my favorite virtualization software. For making the installation a breeze,¬†‘VirtualBox’ graciously provides repositories for¬†few¬†popular GNU/Linux distributions¬†as well. But,¬†it has been a … Read the rest

My Newly Formatted (‘Ext4’) External Hard Disk is Busy, Even at Idle [Fix]

I recently purchased¬†a Western Digital My Passport Ultra (1TB, USB 3.0) external hard disk as I was¬†running out of space to save my files.¬†Although I dual-boot a GNU/Linux distribution (which is¬†the awesome Fedora 21¬†nowadays)¬†with … Read the rest

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