I Forgot My Administrator Password [Fix]

Yesterday after setting up my CentOS 7 (minimal install) virtual machine, I forgot my administrator password. To make things worse, I didn’t give administrative privileges to the default user (one that you get to create while installing) either. So at the end, I basically ended up with a useless user account (ai yai yai!). Luckily, as a fix, without reinstalling … Read more

Install Glances (system monitor, CLI) on Ubuntu 15.10

‘Glances’ is an extremely powerful command-line based system monitor that I came across a couple of years ago. It’s capable of monitoring various hardware devices (CPU, Memory, Swap-disks, Hard disk drives, Network connections, Processes, System load, Sensors etc) and provide alerts based upon their load. Due to its simplicity & the clever UI design, it makes the life … Read more

‘Raven’ is a Minimalist & a Distraction-free Text Editor for Novelists

Raven is an excellent distraction-free text editor that’s specifically designed for novelists. That said, for less imaginative people like me , mainly due to its simplicity and beautiful typography, I find it to be a great distraction-free text editor as well. Raven is completely free to use and includes native support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS … Read more

Mixxx (DJ App) 1.12 Pushes Towards the Final Release, RC 1 Calls for a Version Rename

Free & open-source, packed with a gorgeous interface and a set of features, Mixxx is a great alternative to some of the commercial DJ applications out there. And as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the upcoming version also includes a much improved beat-matching engine (‘Queen Mary’) which is quite exciting too . Talking … Read more